Oklahoma is notorious for the hottest summers in the Midwest. Not only do we have raging temperatures that can rival the depths of a volcano, we also have a stuffy dripping humidity that feels like it’s trying to steam you death. The one escape we may have is the oasis we call our home. In order to ensure your home stays a wonderful heat free zone, check out these ideas that will be too cool, literally. 

 Cook outside. Cooking inside can really increase the temperatures of your inside air and make your AC work harder. Cook out on the grill instead of heating up that stove. This will keep the inside chill and the heat where it belongs, outside. Just make sure your husband remembers to close the patio door. 

 It may seem too simple but turning off the lights when they are not in use not only saves you energy but saves the house from extra added heat as well. To take it a step further, you can get low heat LED bulbs to replace your super hot heat producing ones. 

 If it’s a particularly decent day with lots of wind, then feel free to even shut off the AC and open the front and back doors. This will create a natural cooling breeze that can go in one door and out the other. A nice eco friendly flow of air can really help with keeping your electric bill low. 

 Dehumidifying your house has several benefits throughout the summer. First of all, in a less humid environment sweat and clothes dry faster making you less miserable. Second, it lessens pollen, dust and allergens in the home including mold and in turn preventing mold and allergens by not allowing them to grow in moisture. Finally, it relieves your air conditioning unit of having to be a dehumidifier making your unit work more efficiently and less overtime. 

 Do anything that requires heat during the cooler parts of the day such as near nighttime. These may include cooking, using large appliances like a washer and dryer, ironing. Anything that may put off heat then you can put off that chore for later. 

 Summer heat doesn’t have to be dreadful when you know how to be cool as a cucumber.