Yard maintenance is rough work. Keeping up with the Joneses yard can become a full time job. To help keep that ever prized Yard of the Month title, we have some ideas that can help you on your Summer landscape journey.

 One of the most under rated or ignored factor to a pristine yard is the lawn mower. If your lawn mower isn’t up to speed then you may want to consider a tune up job. There are plenty of YouTube videos if you are a Do It Yourself kinda gardener or you can take it to a local hardware store that can do the service or they can at least point you in the direction of someone who can.

 Proper irrigation is an amazingly useful tool. My mother would spend over an hour every day during the summer just watering the flowers, that’s not even including the grass. Choose an automatic irrigation system that you can program. This will allow you to control how long, how much, and what time you would like it to be watered. If you’re feeling fancy then you can even get one that you can control from an app on your phone. Take that Joneses.

 A beautiful Spring garden can easily turn into a Summer jungle. Keep your flowers, topiaries, bushes, and grass trimmed back to ensure that your garden is crisp and clean. Level the bushes so they are all even. Pick up or pinch off brown and shriveled flower buds that have seen better days. Sometimes it’s the small details that can really make all the difference in the visual appeal of your space.

 Lawns aren’t all watering, trimming, and fertilizing. You also have to protect it from invaders. Pest control is a large concern at this time of year when little critters are at their mightiest. Inspect your greenery for unwanted bugs and treat accordingly with natural pesticides. Research the difference between good insects and bad insects so that you’re harboring a good ecosystem. Encourage wanted wildlife while natural dispelling the mean ones.

 Don’t take the title too seriously though. Your landscape space is all about what makes you happy and not the neighbors. Enjoy relaxing in your Summer sanctuary.