Oklahoma Summers are brutal. There’s no way around that unless you have a summer home in Alaska. For those who don’t, keeping the home a fresh oasis in an asphalt desert is our only consolation. Follow these energy efficient guidelines to make your summer as sweat-less and toil free as possible.

 Fire up the grill (or microwave). A chilled house in the summer is a lovely house. To keep it that way, avoid using your oven, which adds unnecessary heat and brings the core temperature of it down. This gives your family the perfect excuse to use that outdoor grill that has been sitting there helplessly all Winter. It is even tastier when fresh off the grill.

 Upgrade to LED light bulbs. Older bulbs are a source of excess heat that can easily be updated with a few light bulb replacements per month. LED lights are cool to the touch and use much less energy than their predecessors. Less energy use means less heat to put off and less warmth in the house.

 Run large appliances in the evening. Your AC is a hero for sure but don’t make it fight all its battles at once. Running appliances such as dryer, dish washer, and washer, in the evening or night will be easier for it to stay consistent and not work over time.

 This is a given but still underused tactic. Get rid of the sun. Get heavy curtains, blackout curtains, or thick blinds to prevent the sunlight from steaming up your house. You may not think it will help much but you’ll be surprised. Bonus is they’ll also let you sleep better.

 Now may be a good time to update any insulation opportunities that have been on the back burner. Re-insulate your attic with a fresh coat to keep out unwanted warmth from a hot tin roof. Check for leaks and thinning spots. If you want to get ultra technical then get a professional energy audit. They will use infrared heat maps to pin point any faults in the system.

 Beat those Oklahoma temperatures to the punch this year with an efficiently ran home that cuts through that thick air.