While Spring is a beautiful season of rebirth and rejuvenation, it can also bring some pretty terrifying weather. Stay on alert this time of year by paying attention to your weathermen and know the signs of potentially bad storms. Check out this advice for future funnels ahead.

  One good idea that most people may not even know is an option is to reinforce your roof. High winds and hail can cause great damage or possibly remove your roof entirely without a little help. Have hurricane clips installed to fasten your trusses and rafters. This will hopefully prevent any reenactment scenes from Wizard of Oz. I know I don’t want my roof to end up in Kansas.

  Be able to turn off your utilities. This is great information for you and all your family to be able to know how to do. Being able to turn off any utilities will prevent gas leaks, fires and flooding. Know how to turn off your water at the water meter and the main water line, your electric at the fuse box, and the outdoor shut off for the gas valve.


  Install a new garage door that is weather resistant. If you have an older garage door it may be prone to leakage and debris under the stress of extreme weather. Look into impact resistant options if it hasn’t been replaced since the founding of the home. Assess your surroundings outside the home.

  Many objects we use and see everyday we may not even think about in the moments before its too late. Such as those lawn chairs, lawn mower, rake, shovel, and potted plants. In high winds all of these objects can become airborne so they either are gone forever or can come through your window. Secure these items in a safe place such as the garage or shed if you know there’s a possible storm coming. If you see any potential areas for leaks or drafts repair or re-caulk them to prevent any flooding inside.

  Don’t let bad weather ruin one of the best seasons. Prepare your home and ease your mind.