A new year is here and to stay for 365 days. Now is the time to decide how you will use them. Each day is an opportunity to refocus, start over, and regain strength. Instead of making a long list of mini goals and resolutions, why not concentrate on an easier task? Lists are too difficult to remember. This year choose one word to invest all your attention to. You may be asking yourself “how am I going to choose my word?” 

    Make a list of words that describe your approach to the year. Think of things that you want your year as a whole to accomplish. How do you want to feel after it is over? Accomplished? Free? Wholesome? Emboldened? Now out of those options that you listed find some that relate to your overall resolutions and to each other. Over lapping words create intention. There you find your intention for the year. 

   Then put all your energy into making this word come alive. When you have tough choices to make in work, school, or at home, ask yourself if your final decision fulfills the intention of your chosen word. When you have free time or a quiet moment, reflect on your progress to see if you feel like you’re accomplishing all that you meant when the year began.  

    If you still miss those long drawn out lists of goals then at least find your word first and make those lists by the guide of your word. This will create consistency in your future endeavors. 

   While we are embracing one word, then we should also consider banning a word. This is an idea or phrase that you use as an excuse, it is something that keeps you hindered and trapped. Everyone has one. It can be something as simple as fear, can’t, failure, useless, or difficult. When this word arises, acknowledge it; then be reminded of its unhelpfulness. Replace it with your brand spanking fresh one. 

   This one word is one that you can invest your energy into and will change your attitude. You will scramble less to accomplish small tasks that may or may not propel your growth forward. This year will be more thoughtfully meditative in respects to your goal. Guide your thoughts with your new word. Let your new word rule your every move, your every decision, and every initiative.